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The Loudclass Environment

A digital classroom solution capitalizing on technology to improve learning, while putting control of the classroom back in teachers’ hands.

With over 15 years of EduTech experience, we provide market-tested solutions that deliver results.

Loudclass Perspective

Exemplary teacher and documentary creator, Eugene Rhee, illustrates his perspective on the role of Loudclass in the 21st century classroom for CDI learning centers.

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Loudclass Regular

Making traditional education relevant today with a powerful tablet-based learning solution, smart textbook authoring tool, and cloud management system


A dynamic authoring tool that gives curriculum administrators and teachers the power to make interactive smart textbooks


A powerful software solution that enables an integrated tablet-based learning environment for the digital classroom


A user friendly product with the essential smart classroom management features for administrative staff, teachers, and students

Loudclass smart learning solution enables teachers and administrators to take back control of the classroom while facilitating the development of 21st century learning skills in a completely digital, integrated learning environment.  Students naturally capitalize on learning opportunities provided by increased stimulation, motivation, and engagement.

Loudclass Flex

Loudclass Flex All-in-one solution that provides teachers and school the freedom to personalize and enhance their curriculum without the need of servers and additional authoring software.


Active Slide Builder

  • Create customized slides by importing PDF as well as multimedia files
  • Add various objects and pre-designed templates for quick easy lesson building.
  • Question pages make activities interactive and engaging.

Instant Sessions

  • Instantly transmit class materials with auto synchronization.
  • Insert media pages using videos, audio tracks, and images.
  • Question pages enable real-time interaction by collecting grades, and record responses.
  • Instant quizzes allow for multiple choice, surveys, polls to be conducted on the spot during class.

Reporting & Scoring

•  Class Summary Report                               •  Test Performance Reports

•  Scores by Questions Reports                  •  Active Slide Reports

•  Scores by Student Reports

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